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Don't let the winter blues get to you!

We had a great summer this year with a lot of sun and mild temperatures. As we move into fall the rains and cloudy weather have come in full force making it more difficult to enjoy being outdoors.

We already have people talking to us about the winter blues in the office. I love Wisconsin for all 4 seasons and many people live here just for that reason. Unfortunately with that we are at a point on the earth that does not get as much sun as we should. In fact, if we live North of Tennessee almost 50% of the population does not get the vitamin d that they need to keep mood elevated hence the winter blues.

Everyone should be able to enjoy all 4 seasons and to help with that we recommend supplementing vitamin d. Especially in the winter because it helps to prevent the mood changes brought about by winter. There are many other health benefits to vitamin D as well but lets save talking about those benefits for another day.

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